Additional Educational Needs and Accessibility

Additional Educational Needs and Accessibility

All students at Burton PRU are individuals and so will have individual learning needs (Special Educational Needs and or Disability (SEND). We work in close partnership with parents/carers and the student if they have additional learning needs. When a student needs additional support from external agencies, we work closely with them to enable our students to achieve the social and academic success that they deserve. If a child has a Statement / EHC plan this is closely monitored as a working document as the student develops and gains in self confidence in their own abilities. All our learners have lessons planned and delivered by Quality First Teachers and our other staff are also qualified and experienced in our setting.  Please refer to the policies section for relevant policies.

Staffordshire County Council

Special Educational Needs in Staffordshire

In addition to Staffordshire’s Local Offer for pupil with Special Educational Needs and or Disability, Burton PRU’s offer includes:

  • Key Staff with responsibility for SEND leadership and in service training of all staff.
  • A member of the Management Committee who is link governor to monitor SEND provision in Burton PRU.
  • All classroom based staff on and off site are responsible to support the learning needs and monitoring for each individual student.
  • Specific learning resources are fully utilised to enhance the student’s learning in each curriculum area – work is differentiated to meet the needs of each student.
  • Involving parents/carers in their child’s learning experiences and pathway.
  • Staff work in close partnership with many external support services eg. Educational Psychology Service; Speech and Lanaguage therapy etc.
  • Dual registered schools will be involved in the support of their student while they are learning at Burton PRU.

Please refer to the documents below for greater detail about Burton PRUs Local Offer and our current Accessibility Plans.


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