Student help information:

We encourage students to use the Tellmi App.

Tellmi is a safe, anonymous app where you can talk about absolutely anything. From anxiety to autism, dating to depression, or self-harm to self-esteem, sharing your experiences with our awesome community helps you to feel better. Moderators check everything to keep you safe and our in-house counsellors are always on hand if you need extra support.




How Tellmi Works






Parents/Carers help information:

Being the parent of a teenager can be tough at times, particularly when it comes to mental health.

This May Help is an initiative sponsored by Healthy Minds (run by Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership).

The films were developed by parents, carers and service users who got together to share their own experiences. They spoke to experts by experience, service and ex-service users, community mental health nurses, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) doctors and qualified professionals to work out the best and most helpful practical advice possible.

What helped others may also help you.  Just click the link below:



National Sleep Hotline –

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