Admissions and Student Induction

Admissions and Student Induction

Once Burton PRU has been approached with a fully completed referral form or permanent exclusion notification forms, and a place has been agreed by the Head of School, the following induction process is started:

  • A pre-admissions meeting will be arranged with both the student and family to meet with the Head of School.  This meeting is to allow the school to gather information around strengths, areas of development, aspirations and current needs. It allows parents and students the opportunity to visit the school and ask questions.
  • Each student will start Burton PRU with a general short induction programme – including a phased start – which is usually over one week (but can take up to 10 days).  This process is the starting point to establish good positive working relationships between each student and the staff. It is a time to settle in and start a new way of learning and wanting to learn.
  • Each student will then begin their new learning journey.  We aim to ensure that the next phase of their learning journey is appropriately planned with them in order to achieve appropriate goals – this might be to return to mainstream or remain with BPRU to sit a range of GCSE qualifications and move into Post 16 options reaching their aspirations.
  • As part of our Induction process, students are assessed to ensure that staff are able to provide work at the most appropriate level. Some of these assessments are general to allow staff to identify ability and concerns around literacy and numeracy while others are more subject focussed.
  • Your child will be assigned a Key Worker from our staff. This is our initial point of contact – someone who will work closely with your child and keep in regular contact with you about your child’s progress.


Staff will re-assess each student on a regular basis to track their progress and their achievements are shared with each parent/carer three times a year through individual meetings and reports on Performance Review Days. All meetings have action points for staff, students and parents/carers to help us move each student forward along their chosen pathway.  All students complete a Personal Development File which outlines the activities and interventions your child has undertaken at school.

As a parent/carer we want you to be involved in your child’s education – you are always welcome to visit and discuss your child with us.

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