Burton PRU is one of six Pupil Referral Units in Staffordshire. Our school has three sites across Burton and Uttoxeter.  Our main site is located on Church Hill Street, Winshill, with a second site on Bond St close to Burton town centre.  We have a third site on Bradley Street in Uttoxeter.  Each site has easy access by foot, bus and car.


The School Day

The length of the School Day will vary according to the student’s individual learning needs. Each student will have a timetable that is designed to enable them to make progress in the most appropriate way for their needs.  For some students this will be on the main site, others will access our smaller sites alongside alternative provision and work experience (where appropriate).


Data Protection Information

Burton PRU will share pupil data with other agencies, eg. Staffordshire County Council; the secondary schools/ academies in East Staffordshire; NHS; OFSTED; Examination Boards etc to enable all our students to achieve the success that they deserve.

For further information around this please see the Student Induction Booklet under the Induction section.