We are extremely proud to be the Executive Headteacher, Head of School and the Chair of Governors at Burton PRU. It is a privilege to work with such highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff who work hard to support, guide and motivate all of our students and their families to enable them to achieve the success that they deserve. We are able to achieve this social and academic success by working closely together in partnership with the full support (and challenge in continuous improvement for all) by a highly committed Management Committee who strive for the best for our school.

We believe that every student has a fundamental right to education and must be given the opportunity to achieve and maintain their learning at the highest level possible. Every student has unique characteristics, interests, abilities and learning needs and, through a holistic approach to learning, we endeavour to meet their needs.

As a school we continue to evolve and go from strength to strength, being recognised externally by OFSTED in July 2019 as a GOOD school; Burton PRU has a range of achievements including being a Specialist Sports College.  Our journey to celebrate our student’s successes will continue on and on helping as many of our learners as possible.

Our school’s ethos is embedded in our identity:

Building Positivity, Resilience & Understanding


Mrs K Rogers
Executive Headteacher

Ms S Bamber
Head of School

Mr J Brodie
Chair of the Management Committee