Welcome to our school. We hope that you will be able to work closely with us to enable you to support your child at Burton PRU and that we can support you too. Our students come from all over Burton and get on extremely well in school. We want the best for your child and we will try our upmost to enable them to achieve the best set of social and academic skills for a bright future of their choice. Together we will take this journey to achieve this – without your support and continued input we can’t make this happen. The door to Burton PRU is open for you to visit us at any time or phone us to discuss your concerns etc. Our students each stay for a variety of lengths of time – each dependent on their needs and progress. (If you have any concerns / complaints then please contact the Head of School immediately so that we can address your concerns; if it about the Head of School then please contact the Executive Headteacher, then the Chair of Management Committee via the school’s Clerk to the MC.)

What parents/carers say


“My child is happy, feels safe, is well looked after and deals with bullying effectively.”


“This school is well lead and managed, responds well with any concerns raised and makes sure its pupils are well behaved; parents would recommend this school to another parent.”

What students say

“I now enjoy school.”

“I’m happy and feel safe at this school.”

“I now know I’ve got a future.”

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