Our Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission Statement is:

For all students to believe in themselves, realise their potential and achieve a successful social and academic future.


  • To ensure that all students achieve the highest academic standards of which they are capable
  • To provide a wide range of educational experience for every student
  • To promote social responsibility and awareness among students so that they are able to become alert, critical citizens with a strong sense of justice and equality
  • To ensure positive acceptance of ethnic diversity and opposition to all forms of racism
  • To promote self-esteem among students with positive aspirations and confident of equal opportunities both in education and society


We want to give each student different OPPORTUNITIES

We EMPOWER them to SUCCEED and ACHIEVE the success that THEY DESERVE.

We TRUST people and learn how to trust people, by building positive RELATIONSHIPS.


The ethos of our school is also based on:

  • Honesty, mutual respect and consideration;
  • Responsibility by all for all;
  • Working in close partnerships;
  • Safe and secure environment and a firm, fair and consistent code of conduct.