English (Literature GCSE)

English (Literature GCSE)

Name of Course
English Literature


AQA GCSE English Literature


Outline of Course

Students complete two exams to achieve an overall grade for their GCSE.


Paper 1 – Shakespeare and the 19th Century Novel

This exam is 1 hour 45 minutes and makes up 50% of the exam grade.

Section A (20%) – Shakespeare

  • Extract and whole play question
  • Normally ‘Macbeth’ (as studied in other local schools)

Section B (20%) – 19th Century Novel

  • Extract and whole play question
  • Normally ‘A Christmas Carol’ as studied by other local schools.


Paper 2 – Modern Texts and Poetry

This exam is 2 hour 15 minutes and makes up 60% of the exam grade.

Section A – ‘An Inspector Calls’ or ‘Blood Brothers’

  • One essay question from two.
  • Choice of text determined by previous school.


Section B – AQA Poetry

  • One comparative question on one named poem and one other poem from the chosen cluster in the AQA Anthology


Section C – Unseen Poetry

  • One question on one unseen poem and one question comparing


How it’s taught
Small group work

Film and drama

Cloze exercises
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Exercises
Speaking and Listening Exercises


There will be homework on SPaG exercises and practice papers